Hello world! My name is Joelle. And I’m blogging again.

I’ve been blogging for quite a while, but never stuck to just one blog. I’m one of those chronic blog starters, and I realize that creating the blog can be more what’s interesting to me than updating it. So far, I’ve been on:




and now WordPress

I started blogging in 1999, way before blogging became the industry it is today. I started out with “These Rock Stars” on coolgroupies.blogspot.com, a blog about a bunch of friends going around town, following their favorite bands. It read like fiction because at the time I had just graduated from college, where I was part of a literary org and was productively producing prose, and I didn’t know how to blog yet. I since took it down, but saved all the entries somewhere and I have actually created a chapbook from it that I’ve given out to my fellow groupies (or at least, the circle of friends who went band watching with me). It’s a very accurate, very personal account of my life in 1999, so know that I won’t be sharing that publicly again.

Several blogs that came after were, I would like to believe, very fun personal blogs that my friends enjoyed; you know, the kind of blog that you would only also enjoy if you knew me personally. I went through a whole slew of these blogs. Some I deleted because something I wrote offended someone I knew, because I tended to word vomit and blog without thinking that it was public. Sometimes, I regret deleting these blogs, but I remind myself that regret is not productive and we can only learn from the idiot things we do, yadda yadda. Most of these blogs are actually still online. On LJ, I have:


and http://accidentprawn.livejournal.com

Badgoodgirl is still alive because there’s no real reason to take it down, plus this blog is how I met the love of my life (this somewhat holds true for Accidentprawn, though it’s also my “Feh, I don’t regret anything I’ve written and posted online, so there” frame of mind.) Basically, the reason why I left Badgoodgirl was I couldn’t stand the persona I chose for myself, because people assumed I was a bad and good girl, but what I really wanted it to mean was I was bad at being a good girl. I also wanted to change it because I didn’t feel like a “girl” at the time anymore, I was growing up and becoming more responsible for my shit and getting older was something that preoccupies my neuroses on a daily basis.

In contrast, the reason why I left Accidentprawn was, at the time, I had a break up and felt that I was using my LJ to wallow in my self-pity. So I decided to stop blogging altogether and live my life. And record it on Tumblr.

When I started on http://joelle-so-far.tumblr.com, I was happily updating it regularly, but more than being too busy to update it, I eventually tired of it. I guess I’m not very fond of Tumblr. But, it’s just there.

I was maintaining a dance blog on http://joellejacinto.blogspot.com, aptly titled “Mabuhay ang dance/blog.” I was too busy to update that too. In fact, a lot of my posts were all, “I’m so busy to blog right now.” It got irritating, and I pledged to myself to only blog without saying such. You can guess what happened to that.

I’ve been aware of WordPress for some time now (my sister has a food blog), but only started using it when I was invited to a choreographic lab in Australia, to digitally document the activities in real time. The product is http://crossborderscollaborative.wordpress.com, and something I’m quite proud of. After that, I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging again. In my current workplace, there is a joke that I am a blogger; our team has a social media program that engages bloggers for marketing, and the joke is I’m actually managing the team that updates and edits the websites and not involved with social media at all. Also, I’ve never been that kind of blogger, I just have a blog.  That I never update.

So basically, this new blog is my attempt to start blogging again, and post real entries that don’t begin with “I’ve been too busy to blog…” I figured that I’ve been compartmentalizing my blogs – LJ for the personal stuff, Mabuhay for the dance stuff, Tumblr for photos of personal stuff, etc – and having too many blogs for different purposes kinda defeats the purpose of blogging. This is my attempt to get everything on one just one blog. I’m optimistic. But then, I always am when I’m giddily choosing a theme for a new blog. Let’s cross my fingers.


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