A Berry nice afternoon phone call


My godchild Berry called me up this afternoon. Actually, her mom Erica did, saying Berry had to tell me something. When I got Berry on the phone, I thought she said, “I have a tattoo and I’m dancing.” Her mom got the phone and said, “I’ll tell her for you, Berry said Ninang dances better than Mommy.”

Apparently, they were having this nice conversation, where Berry was telling her mommy that she (Berry) wanted to grow up to be a ballet star and that she (Erica) dances very well. Then Erica said, “Do you want to be like me?” And Berry said, “No, I want to be like Ninang.”

When Berry got the phone back from her mom, she said to me, “You dance very well, Ninang, I want to be like you. I love you, Ninang! Ninang, can I borrow your iPad?”

And after all that, how can you say no?

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