Runthru is on Issuu

Runthru is my dance magazine. My brother and I started it in 2008, as a quarterly dance magazine about what was happening in dance in the Philippines. We sold the first issue for P75 each. We made 0 money. I think I still owe him my share of the printer’s fee, haha.

After 4 issues, we decided to just keep it as an online magazine, via It was much easier to maintain, though that would also depend on how busy I was. Although a lot of people appreciate it, I’ve found that they can’t get as excited about it as they would a print magazine that they can actually hold in their hands. This version isn’t something you can hold in your hands either, but hey, you can turn the pages.

I’m still figuring out where to take this next. You have to admit, this issuu (hehe) is quite pretty.

Runthru September Issuu


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