Ugat, Ugnayan, Obusan at the CCP this weekend

The late National Artist for Dance, Ramon Obusan, has definitely spent longer than 40 years in his illustrious career as a dancer and dance researcher, but it was his establishment of the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group that defines the legacy he left behind since his passing in 2006: a legacy of not just preserving Philippine culture but igniting the love of dance, and of continuing dance research and preservation, in countless others.

– quoting my short news post on to announce the event

I actually can’t watch this because I’m already fully booked to my ears this weekend (though I’ve still been plotting how I can still watch the show on Friday and rush over to my graphic artist’s birthday celebration at MOA… it’s only a few minutes away, right? Bleh), but if you can, and you’re interested in unbastardized Philippine culture, this is the show to see.

I also found a very lovely article on written by Floy Quintos about directing the upcoming show, his friendship with Mr. Obusan, and how his legacy continues. If you can’t watch this show, at least please read this article. 🙂

These rehearsals are overwhelmingly joyous, and I find myself leaving them with a renewed sense of hope and belief in our country and our young people. These rehearsals are what Pinoy culture is about. The present mixes with the past, roles and rituals are enacted. Always there is a sense of overwhelmingly contentment (even in the hardest times), of pakiki-sama, of community, of coming together for a bigger cause. The young dancers are living a code that tito Mon had always hoped his company would instill. They are being authentically Filipino.

– Floy Quintos on directing Ugat… Ugnayan… Obusan…


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