So last Thursday was my mom’s birthday, but since my brother was going on a trip, we had her birthday dinner the night before instead. The food was amazing, and there was so much of it that it went on till her actual birthday the next day.

I got her a coffee press, which was supposed to be good for her to use at our dance studio, except she would get upset when she’d press some coffee for Dad, who would be too busy rehearsing, and the coffee got cold. I don’t know what she’ll use it for now. I feel a bit worried that my gift didn’t turn out to be awesome.

I should have gone with my gut and bought her a cake. I was rushing home and thought, eh it’s just a cake, there will be lots of dessert. Jacqui bought one for her last Saturday and as Mom was slicing into it, she saidhow happy she was because she had been disappointed that nobody got her a cake on her birthday. Sometimes, it’s the things you don’t think are worth much that actually mean everything.


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