My new favorite TV show

I have some downtime, so I thought I’d blog about the Vampire Diaries episode I saw last night. I’m only a new fan of the show; I’ve always been all about vampires — as a child, when I got frightened, I instinctively cover my neck — but resisted Vampire Diaries because I worried it would be another Twilight. My friend Jewel convinced me it was not.

Anyway, I’m watching it on Warner TV and it’s only in the middle of season 2. Last night, Caroline finally tells Matt that she’s a vampire, partly because she had to explain how she saved him from a fatal stab wound and partly because Elena and Jenna were earlier discussing how you shouldn’t keep secrets in a relationship. But when Matt found out, he flipped out and couldn’t handle it, and even blamed Caroline for what happened to his sister.

My heart just wept for Caroline, and I find this important enough to blog about because I actually didn’t like Caroline. When season 1 ended, I was wondering why she was still alive and when she was turned, I couldn’t believe her luck. Over time, though, she finally won me over, as she helped Tyler out when he was transforming into a werewolf, and admitted she was spying for Katherine to save Matt,  and how she tried so hard to still be who she was, given the circumstances.

I’ve read episode guides on wiki so I actually knew what was going to happen. It’s still really hard to watch, though.

For me to care strongly about a fictional character like that usually means the show is awesome. I’m so sorry I assumed you were another Twilight.


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