My Beloved Bonchon, February-October 2012

Bonchon is technically the dog of my sister and her boyfriend, and we joked that he was their “dragon baby.” Still, nobody can deny how he was loved by everyone who met him. Even people who only see him online through my Instagram or otherwise, fall in love with him completely. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met. The sweetest! Yesterday, I kept tearing up at the memory of him happily asking me for hugs. He didn’t care that he was not my dog. He had a lot of love for/from everybody.

He passed away from an accident yesterday morning. My heart is broken. The only thing I can believe is he had a very happy life, though very short, and that he made me and many people, very happy during his stay with us. And the only thing that comforts me is I have three other dogs whom I need to keep loving even when Bonchon is gone.

I have lost several dogs in the past few years, and this is devastating to me because before 2008, I had a dog who seemed to live forever and I had ten years without this kind of heartbreak. Since Doggie (yes, that’s his unfortunate name) died, the newer dogs we’ve acquired don’t seem to live as long and it was heartbreak after heartbreak because I love all my dogs, even the dogs that aren’t really mine, even the dogs who are not my favorites. Just last year, one of my all-time favorites, Tetsuya, fell ill and died suddenly, with no warning or explanation. He had a longer life than Bonchon, but it still didn’t comfort me when I found out.

Mikah recently found a small toy basset hound under the couch in his apartment – it was probably there since the previous owners, a lost toy that was forgotten. It gave him a lot of joy because it looks exactly like Sam, his basset hound that recently passed away. I loved the idea of him finding it, it had become a reminder of Sam and how important he was to his life and throughout the day, Mikah would see Sam the toy on his desk and it would make him smile. I realize that it serves for him what he tried to do for me when my pets died – When Doggie died, he bought me a Stikfas dragon with a female warrior kit and named them Doggie and Joelle. I didn’t realize that this was what he was doing until he got me mini Stikfas dragons for Charlie and Tetsuya.

I know I’m going to be sad about Bonchon for a very long time. I don’t have a Stikfas dragon for Bonchon yet, but I’ll keep this sadness with me for a while to remember how much I loved him. He deserves as much.

Sammy, Tyler and Hugo, the dogs we have left


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