Comforting Hugo

When my mom went looking for Bonchon that fateful morning we lost him forever, each time she would call out his name, Hugo would rush to mom, raise his forepaws and plant them on her, as if he wished to tell her something. From hindsight, he probably saw it happen.

With this in mind, I have noticed that Hugo has been sad the last few days. I’ve never known him to be a whimpering dog, but he was whimpering constantly. I do believe Hugo loved his brother, you could see it in how he would protect Bonchon from Sammy. I’m guessing he’s very traumatized, not just from losing his brother, but seeing it happen.

I’ve been trying to comfort him the best that I can and he’s been more demanding of affection now. Late yesterday afternoon, Hugo greeted me with a smile. It feels like forever since I last saw him smile at me. It super made my day.

I realize, in comforting Hugo and trying to make him happy again, I am also letting Hugo comfort me. I’m very grateful.

Bonchon and Hugo in July

Bonchon and Hugo in July

My four boys saying their morning goodbye to me a few weeks ago.


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