MOMOL music

My friend Yvette tweeted today saying how it’s work and soup weather for her while it’s most likely MOMOL to sad songs weather to others. I kinda laughed at the MOMOL to sad songs weather and she pointed out you can’t exactly MOMOL to happy songs.

So it got me thinking about songs to MOMOL to, and I’m drawing a blank. Well, except this one time, though I didn’t want to count it because it wasn’t make out-make out lang (which is what MOMOL means, in case you didn’t know); there was something else going on, and I guess I came up for air to remember Incubus’ “I Miss You” playing in the background (don’t judge me for that because a. It wasn’t my music player or house, b. I was young and the guy I was with even younger, and c. There are obviously other, bigger sins that happened that night that you should judge me for, trust me).

So there’s that realization now that I don’t hear music when I kiss someone. This somewhat blows the mind because every hollywood kiss has to be accompanied by swelling strings. The kiss in Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene cannot be rechoreographed otherwise – it will always be a passionate kiss at that moment.

I’m starting to like the idea though that maybe a kiss is so powerful that it makes its own music.  At least, it should.

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