This year’s Hallowe’en costume

I put this up in FB and Twitter via Instagram, but adding it here just so that it’s here. I’m the Mother from How I Met Your Mother.

This year's Hallowe'en costume: the mother in How I Met Your Mother. Hehe.

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This was actually Mikah’s idea, despite his not seeing the show much (if at all. Mikah doesn’t watch TV). We were talking about Hallowe’en costumes and I said, “Like somebody could go as the guy from How I Met Your Mother,” and he said, “Why not go as the Mother?” And I said, “But nobody knows what she looks like except she’s always under a yellow umbrella.” And of course, I didn’t think of it myself. Typically.

I don’t watch the show religiously either, so I’m getting confused about the Barney-Robin relationship, especially since they’re showing random episodes from different seasons on Star World (their theme is, hey this is the episode with this celebrity on it, come see!). Didn’t they amicably break up because they realized they were complacently happy together and therefore not good for each other? Then there’s that episode of Robin telling Ted she’s not ready to get married to Barney on another channel, so wait what? I’m still not inclined to see the whole thing from the beginning, I wish someone could give me an outline or something.


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