Last minute packing

I’m packing for a trip that’s starting in 3 hours. I do this all the time, losing sleep because I always end up packing last minute, no matter how far ahead I always try to plan it. Of course, planning ahead is wise, since I can still get stuff like new contact lenses and do laundry in case I don’t have enough underwear. But the actual getting things in my luggage part? Always last minute.

I’m blogging about this so that I can determine if I have everything I need plus have an easy reference guide for future last minute packing. This is just a 3-day vacation so I can travel somewhat lightly, and traveling with my dad always means carry on luggage only. So here is what I’m packing for a 3-day trip to a foreign land.

Toiletries – includes contact lens cleaner, toothpaste, lotion, facial wash, cologne, shampoo and conditioner in one, all in bottles 100 ml or less, contained neatly in a ziplock bag inside my toiletry case. Anything else can be found in the hotel, or bought in a convenience store. Other essentials such as toothbrush and contact lens case (and some feminine products) also checked.

A coat in case it’s cold, but since the internet says Hong Kong will hit 27 degrees this week, maybe I won’t use it. It always pays to be prepared so I also have a lighter cardigan.

Flip flops and fleece boots, because it always pays to be prepared. I’m traveling in my comfy mary janes.

Clothes and underwear. Sleepwear. A leotard in case I am able to do some stretching in the morning.

My iPad and its charger. My Kindle and its charger. My android and its charger. Not bringing the laptop, I think I can live with just the iPad the next few days.

A separate coin purse for Philippine coins. Because I’d want to have HK coins in my wallet when I’m out and about.

Foldable bags!

Meds – my most recent maladies were a bad cold and acid reflux, so I packed meds for those and some advil, which is always a good idea.

Stuff that’s normally in my handbag, like a comb, sunglasses, kikay kit, splenda packets (and more splenda in my carry-on, because I’m a freak), tissue, and a dog eared xerox copy of Sally Ness’ paper on Agnes Locsin’s Igorot, which I’ve been reading for the transnationalism paper I’m writing for a conference in February. Also adding ballpens for the immigration cards.

Passport. Wallet. Mom has my plane ticket.


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