Full of Dance

I just finished writing a report on the dance scene in the Philippines since July (or at least in my immediate vicinity and then some…). I know it’s not everything that happened since June onwards, but holy cow it’s still a lot of dancing that I witnessed and was a part of. I seriously feel like I give birth (which is what I usually feel when I write something of this magnitude).

I did not include the dancing that did/am doing myself, mainly because I feel queasy about such blatant self-promotion. Interestingly, I had a conversation with my dad earlier about why he danced, and it made me realize that other people’s validation isn’t as important as the validation that matters; in my case, that would be from myself – that I’m happy dancing – and from the people I love, because I’m able to share this happiness. In the same way, I am happy to write about dance, even if it isn’t about my own dancing.

Today, our dance school held pictorials for our upcoming annual recital. While it was so tiring (more tiring than if I danced the whole day, it seems), I was energized by everyone’s good vibes, from the kids enjoying themselves posing in front of a camera, to the grown ups changing our costumes and figuring out what poses to do that wasn’t difficult to hold for several seconds yet also fit into an elongated frame (because the souvenir programme after all is vertical). I’m worried I look fat in my Spring Fairy costume (my, don’t we all?) but I’m still excited to see the results.

In the meantime, I leave you with another dance photo, of me in an attitude on the moving walkway in the Hong Kong MTR tunnels. My sister captioned it on FB as, “No picture-taking will be complete without Joelle’s standard attitude pose.” I was not really aware that I constantly demanded to be photographed in an attitude (and hello, my attitude derriere leaves a lot to be desired, ahem). But, sure, okay, I suppose this just emphasizes how full of dance my life is. Which is nice.



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