Is there a stud service for mongrels?

So Tyler’s whimpering again, but I notice he’s got his tutuy out, so maybe he’s just craving sexy time. He’s a mongrel, so I doubt there’s any stud service out there I can avail to let him sow his oats. But isn’t there a need for it, shouldn’t there be more of a demand? I mean, I can’t be the only dog owner with only males in her house?

Yes, I know I am looking for a service so that my dog can have sex. I’m that kind of mom, apparently.

Where was it that I heard recently that dolphins are the only species aside from humans who find pleasure in sex? Is that even true? That kind of explains why cats screech the way they do when they get it on, and I know female dogs aren’t thrilled with the fact that male dogs’ tutuys swell impressively during copulation, but really, no pleasure at all? There’s just something wrong with that, but if it is true, maybe needing to find that mongrel stud service isn’t a top priority after all.


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