On the last morning of the year

This morning, I got up early because my sister decided to walk the dogs. We don’t walk them all the time, and we should walk them more than we do, but lately, I’ve been busy busy busy and burning the midnight oil writing my paper for the conference in Bangkok in February that I want to go to. The thing is you can’t walk the 3 dogs by yourself, and you can’t walk them one by one (it’s too noisy, they get so jealous of whoever goes first), so when Jacqui decides she can walk them, I get out of bed and help her.

It was cute because Sammy (our tiny black fluffy dog, who’s the eldest and therefore thinks it follows that he’s the alpha)’s collar broke and we decided not to leash him anymore. So, we walked with Hugo and Tyler on the leash, and Sammy prancing around like he’s King of the Road. But it was okay, actually easier to manage as we weren’t dealing with 3 dogs who hated being on a leash, and Sammy, who probably has the highest pedigree, is that kind of dog who knows how to go for a walk. We had fun.

Lookin' for luuuv #Hugo #bagongligo

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(This is not Sammy, but Hugo, whom I last instagrammed. Just posting up some doggie love for y’all.)

Since I was up early, I decided to go brisk walking. My dad (who’s 26 years older than I, so 26 + 38 is ohmigod I’ve gone all cross-eyed…) runs every morning, and of course is always on my case about physical maintenance and don’t I want to dance forever, yadda yadda yadda. I’m just not a morning person, gahdemet. But today, I told myself, what excuse do you have now? Have been worried actually because work starts again on Wednesday and I’ve been waking up at 9am like clockwork this holiday season, which is problematic because 9am is the time I’m supposed to be at work. I was thinking yesterday, holy carp, I’m screwed! But I walked, stretched and then dove into my paper, which seems to be writing itself.

So, I had the most productive morning, this last day of 2012. It doesn’t exactly reflect the year I had (I did say that I wasn’t a morning person, right?), but it does reflect how productive I hope to be and the kind of year I want 2013 to be, featuring the things in my life that I should be focusing on: dance scholarship (via my conference paper), dancing (walking this morning signifying my desire to get back into tiptop shape so that I can dance more this coming year) and family (via walking the dogs with Jacqui).

That said, I just received news that I’m getting my new phone on Thursday. It’s a happy 2013 already, isn’t it?

Happy new year every one!


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