Happy Mikah day!



When this picture was taken, I was on my way to Malaysia for a dance festival, the first time I went to Kuala Lumpur and one of the first flights I made on my own. Mikah brought me to the airport and we killed time in MOA first. I think this was in 2007. I either had just graduated with my MA, or was about to. I remember this day clearer than I remember most days. I remember we were so happy.

I’ve known him for over 8 years. I would say we were definitely happy for 6 and a half. That year I went to KL for the first time, I didn’t know that he wasn’t very happy – I find out later that I wasn’t a particularly good girlfriend that year leading up to my MA graduation. I was too busy writing my thesis and prioritized that over everything, and he had to be understanding. I actually don’t remember that. I wish I did, or at least, I was more aware that I was being an ass. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to feel unprioritized.

But think about it – 6 out of 8 years. Blissfully happy, actually, or at least I was. Eight years is a very long time; the longest relationship I had before that was three years, and only because it was a long distance relationship, and it was actually only a few months, really. That said, six years is a very long time too. I feel lucky.

Every year, on his birthday, he waits for me to forget; I don’t know why, it’s this game he likes to do. I never forget birthdays though, bad as I am with numbers, and I only forgot once. I was excited all day to greet him at midnight, and we were on gtalk all night and talking about something else when he said his sister and all the animals in the house greeted him around 45 minutes after 12. I’ve always believed he distracted me on purpose.

Even during the unhappy times, though, I never considered not being with him. It’s too painful a prospect. I am forever grateful to you, Bliebie. Happy birthday  and I’ll see you soon. 🙂


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