Counting Down

I have an awful cold, but I’m on my way to work because I have only 3 days of work left. I resigned sometime last month, and my last day is on Thursday.

Resigning is always a challenging endeavor, and I think this one more than any other because I stayed as long as I did. I used to resign so easily from my places of employment, I had actually resigned from some former jobs for a lot less anguish than that I experienced at my current one. To my credit, I don’t see any of my “office” jobs as contributing to what most people would call a career, what I think of as my life’s work, which is (still) to uplift the art of dance in the Philippines. So lofty, isn’t it? So much so that it doesn’t properly pay the bills, and during the Asian financial crisis, I had to choose between the dream and survival.

Of course, I’ve learned a lot about marketing and digital sensibilities that I can apply to my life’s work, so it wasn’t a waste of the last four years of my life. And I did have the best team ever. But it’s time to move on. I’m Mary Poppins and the Banks siblings at the same time.


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