Iskolar ng Bayan

I made a short sidetrip to UP (Uni of the Philippines) today to pick up my transcripts, which I was supposed to get last December. Anyway, I finally have them and it’s just amusing to look at my undergrad grades; amusing because they’re so embarrassingly bad!

And it’s not as if I were flunking the GE subjects and sailing through the majors – I was flunking the majors also. Okay, maybe not flunking, but I’m the supposed most important dance critic/scholar after Steve Villaruz. Given that, my grades are appalling. Dance Notation was understandably always a line of 2 (UP grading system is 1-5, 1 being the highest), but Dance Technique? Dance Pedagogy? Dance and Society? That’s like chickenfeed.

This isn’t the first time I’m seeing these grades, obviously, just very amusing to see them now. As a former college lecturer who wrote the syllabus for Dance and Society and Dance Pedagogy, I’m having a good chuckle thinking of all the students I’ve agonized over when it was time to compute grades. I’m always rolling my eyes and saying, “These kids, they only want to dance!” But really, I was exactly that way 15-20 years ago, cutting class to rush to the CCP, not writing a paper because I was too tired from rehearsals.

(I was also boy crazy, but I’ll leave that part out.)

My first class as an MA student was a 2, because I was still a ditz cutting class for ballet and my prof thought the MA was wasted on me. I don’t know how or why I wised up, but after my first year, I started loving my newfound scholarliness, became a supernerd and never got lower than 1.5 again.

I’m coming back to it again. I’m excited.


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