So Far, A Makeover

For the blog, obviously. I have been thinking of trimming my hair and slimming down back to 100 lbs, but those don’t really constitute as a makeover. But the blog has a new look, hello. 

I was worried that this blog was going the way of my old blogs, where I never have time to post, and especially in the months leading to my resignation, I had been too busy and unable to post at all. In the weeks after my resignation, I found myself quite busy still, which only means I was indeed far too busy back then and was only catching up on the things I had to deprioritize. I’m also worried that my blog posts would be a lot of “Oooh, I’m too busy to post anything…” so this entry won’t go that way, too. So what else is new? 

New outlook

My trip to Malaysia really kicked off what I call “The Rest of My Life,” being not just a course on Audience Development but a wake up call to all the things that I should be doing to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish in my new life that is focused on dance. I know a lot of those things already, but I needed focus – the training organized all this information for me, and I’m just so excited to get going.

I also like, despite my fat ass, how people recognized me for a dancer. This may sound inane, but for other dancers to look at me and think, “she’s a dancer,” I guess, it’s important to me, being a wannabe ballerina without the long legs. One of the speakers at the Arts Entrepreneurship  master class actually said to me, “So, you’re a dancer,” even if we were talking about something else entirely, and this was a big deal to me because he was the producer of one of the biggest contemporary dance companies in the world. I know it can be rather shallow, but it does loads for my self-esteem. 

I’ve also stopped trying to look accomplished (read: trying to look my age), or feel frustrated that people see me for this young ingenue-type. My work speaks for itself, and I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Pretty healthy mindset, if you ask me. 

New work habits


  1. not waking up at dawn to commute to work every day
  2. taking my time with my dance writing 
  3. having more time to dance and to recuperate from dancing when I wake up the next day

Whenever Mikah asks me how I am, he’s like, yeah, I can feel your happiness with every word you text. I’ve established a work schedule (that I’m still tweaking), and still fixing my work desk. Will post photos when it’s not a mess anymore, I still need to figure out my clutter. 

I’m doing freelance writing work again, or rather, I accepted one racket last week, and just turned in my article. It’s over the word limit, because I’m not used to a 600-1000 word count anymore, not after I had to rewrite my Bangkok paper to stretch it to 7000 words. I actually managed my savings so that I don’t need to do freelance writing, so I like that I’m challenged by the assignment rather than I have to do this for money. I hope I get to sustain this approach to freelance writing in the future.

New blog layout  

Another racket I’m setting up for myself is simple web pages for my brothers’ dance schools – though it’s not really racket because they’re not paying me (though they offered). I’m doing this more to keep myself up to date with web publishing, and the skills I acquired that made the last 4 years worth the sidestep from my dreams. The reason why this blog has a new layout is I’m looking into using WordPress as a platform for my future simple websites (I use Google Sites for Runthru and the TEAM Dance Studio website, but I’m worried that the templates are becoming redundant). WordPress, in a nutshell, rocks.

This is my background image, if you were curious. Photo by Kerwin Kaiser Yu, of our performance of Litanya from the Sayaw suite, dances from the movie Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa.




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