Wake up, smell the dystopia

Hunger Games was on HBO last night; I thankfully missed that horrible scene where the tributes first enter the arena and half of them instantly get killed trying to make a run for food. I’ve always been on the fence about this movie, but a few things were made clear upon seeing it again.

1. I love that Esther, the lunatic-in-child’s-clothing from Orphan plays Clove, the kid who (doesn’t) get hit by the car from Escape to (to? from) Witch Mountain plays Cato, and the awesome baby Cataleya from Colombiana plays Rue. I didn’t notice any of that when I first saw the movie at the cinema.

2. I was going to read the novels before watching the second movie, Catching Fire, which is supposed to be showing this November. But I read in Wikipedia that the movie wasn’t as violent as the books, which made me decide I don’t want to expose myself to more violence than is necessary. So I’m gonna go read something else, then, yay.

3. I want people to get that “Oh dear, let’s not let that happen to our future!” desired effect when they watch this film. I worry that they don’t, and just watch it because it’s trendy.

4. Well, this has been clear ever since, but I have to reiterate, Peeta Mellark, you are sooooo fine.

5. Lastly, I love this picture I found where the actors pose for Vanity Fair. It is just a movie, after all.



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