Inevitabilities, Spoilers on the Internet, and Robb Stark

Robb Stark and Grey Wind

Robb Stark and Grey Wind, during happier times

WARNING: While this blog entry contains no important spoilers for Game of Thrones, do not read if you are not updated with 2nd season of The Walking Dead. 🙂

So, the internet has made it possible for people to speak out what/how they feel about anything in the world, in the instant that they feel it. And then, it is also possible for other people to react to what your feeling, also in an instant. Therefore, don’t get angry if you open FB or Twitter and find out what happens in the now-legendary, trending-worldwide episode of Game of Thrones. It definitely was the biggest plot twist in the series, it was also the reason why Weiss and Benioff wanted to make Game of Thrones into a TV series.

But I don’t think knowing that it happens a few days or weeks before the episode becomes available to you (via Torrent or HBO) matters. I’ve known since the series started, and only because my friends and I are reading the books (meaning I haven’t gotten to that part in the books yet, but my friend Kitch told me about it, so worried that I was in love with Robb Stark and would be as heartbroken as she was). What I noticed among my friends though is: we’re all looking forward to this episode, even if we know what’s going to happen. Which is why I’m rolling my eyes at how everyone’s reacting to the spoilers on FB.

And, what makes a TV show great is how it unfolds. It’s like when Sophia ran off at the start of Walking Dead Season 2, I knew right away that she was going to turn up a zombie. Every week, it was, “So, Zombie na si Sophia?” But I was floored when she creeped out of that barn, let me tell you. So much for knowing it’s going to happen, actually seeing it happen is something else entirely.

And that’s what’s going to happen with Game of Thrones. I mean, look at all the people wailing and throwing up over their social networks because they had no idea. At least, thanks to the spoilers, you’re prepared for what’s coming.

I must say though, I don’t think any amount of preparation is going to help me when I watch that episode. I already mentioned that I loved Robb Stark, but I realized while watching the second season that I wasn’t very into him anymore, probably subliminally weaning myself from him to save myself from the inevitable devastating heartache of this upcoming episode. Yet, who am I kidding?

Now, if you want spoilers, and more Robb Stark, see this interview with Richard Madden on Rolling Stone.

King of the North


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