Uncensored Bodies Xplore Tonight!

What happens when a choreographer uses film as a medium? The attendees of the dance film workshop of the Contemporary Dance Network Manila discovered that the possibilities are endless:

Rudolph Segundo of Chameleon Dance Theater shares that the workshop was invaluable to him as an artist, and not just in working with a new medium. He says that some film techniques, such as the “horizontal-vertical Z planar,” could be applied to contemporary choreography. It also made him question his definition of “contemporary,” as the filmmakers’ definition was completely different from his. All this, he poured into his film, entitled Driftwood.

Ea Torrado, who has been documenting all her choreographies on film and experimenting with the medium, concedes that she still has a lot to learn when it comes to this new genre, especially the basic elements of filmmaking. She found the workshop “bitin,” as there must be more to dive into, and shares, “But if and when one truly learns how it is to make a film or a dance film, there are so many, so many ways and options on how to do it.” During this email interview, she would apologize for her delayed replies because she was editing her film, Voyeur. “It is a lot of obsessive thinking,” she laughs.

Read more here. Did I mention that this is tonight?


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