Father’s Day

One of the things I found interesting today was how people who didn’t have fathers (kids of single moms, etc) were opinionated about this fact on their social networks, whether they’re heartwarming greetings to their single mom (i.e. Happy father’s day, Mom!) or snide remarks about not having a dad. At first, it amused me, but I started to feel sad about it. It’s like, you go celebrate this stupid holiday, I’ll shit on it a bit so that you don’t feel all that special about having a father.

I’m very grateful about having my father – he’s super difficult most of the time, but I concede I am the way I am because he helped my mom conceive me, he raised me, he taught me right from wrong, how to dance, how to live. I posted this photo of us on Facebook because I wanted to show him how much I appreciate him. I guess, I just felt that the other people posting why they don’t celebrate Father’s day kinda cheapened it. I mean, I don’t make an announcement about why I’m not Buddhist on a Buddhist holiday. Live and let live lang dapat.

My own dad, traditional Pinoy that he is, used to not care about Father’s Day at all until several years ago, he noticed all the commercial hype about Mother’s Day and then the much lower excitement about Fathers’ Day a month later. He was all, well, this is unfair! and wouldn’t shut up about it. So, we actually make a bigger deal of Father’s Day because of this. My mom never minds, as long as there’s cake.

Daddy and me and our green jeans

Daddy and me and our green jeans

I hope your Father enjoyed his day. Or if you’re one of those who jumped out fully-grown out of your mother’s brain, I hope you had a nice day too.


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