The Body and the Brain

So, wow, where did this month go?

I keed. I stopped blogging (momentarily) because July was an eventful month. Firstly, I was busy with that art talk on contemporary dance practice in the Philippines, and (the bloodier) overview of dance in the Philippines. That was very stressful, but I think I pulled it off well. Heh.

Also, it branched out to these awesome conversations I had with several people. But I’ll keep those to myself for now. Just a shout out – Dear Arco Renz, I will dance with you someday, mark my words.

Secondly, I started dancing more regularly again. Yes, I never stopped, but holy cow, twice or thrice a week dancing was peanuts compared to DANCING EVERYDAY. Which was peanuts ten years ago, but that was TEN YEARS AGO. So I kinda focused on that for a bit.

Focusing was partly because of ballerina Leanne Benjamin, who retired at the age of 49 this July. I read this article on her, and I got hooked:

In a nutshell, she got married and gave birth in her late 30s, when ballerinas usually think of retiring, but she realized she wasn’t ready yet. So she decided to take it one day at a time, and ended up retiring ten years later. This obviously blew my mind because I realize that _I_ need to take it one day at a time if I want to keep dancing. It was the motivation I needed.

This is a clip of Christopher Wheeldon rehearsing the Royal Ballet in his Polyphonia; Leanne is the vocal girl in plum, hee hee.

So my body is acclimatizing to dancing every day again, while needing to still do my other work: my big writing/editing project, my small writing project, and research for my Inter-Cultural Exchange class. I think I had more time to do all this when I still had a full time job! Or, rather, I believe I was able to manage my shit more when I had a full time job. So I guess you could say my brain is acclimatizing as well.

Meanwhile, hello August 🙂


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