Seeing Stars and Writing Again, yay

I’ve been writing about dance A LOT since I left my day job as an editor-in-chief of a telco website, but mostly academic writing, and maybe too much academic writing (and then some) that I hadn’t had time to write dance reviews for Runthru, my homegrown online dance magazine. The last review I wrote was for a show I saw last March, published in June. Tonight, I published a review of a show I watched last June. Luckily, my review of Stars of Philippine Ballet can be seen as a welcoming herald for what I call “Ballet Season,” which usually begins around this time, and in August alone, all three ballet companies are having shows. So, yay.

I like my review, and I like how I’ve been writing about dance, and even looking at dance these days. Ever since I started my big writing and editing project, I’m made to really look at the bigger picture, carefully weighing accomplishment and deserving-ness. Significance, contribution, effort. At the very least, I hope I am contributing constructively. Now that it’s my whole life (as opposed to something I put aside when I put my corporate hat on), I feel the heavier weight of its responsibility.

One of the stars of that show was Jared Tan, who had been dancing in Atlanta the last few years, and is vacationing here on the off-season. I first encountered Jared in ballet class again, after not seeing him the last few years, only last month, already a month after he appeared in Stars of Philippine Ballet on June 1. He looked older, more mature, more manly, as opposed to the gangly teenaged joker assigned to partner me on occassion back when we were still corps kids with Philippine Ballet Theatre. Onstage at the gala, he commanded a presence, more confident than ever. Jared Tan had, apparently, grown up.

In ballet class at the Meralco studio, it suddenly felt like a time warp as he bounded towards me like the gangly teenaged joker he was, hugged me and proclaimed how he didn’t realize it was me right away, in a way apologizing for not greeting me earlier. I chided him, “Star of Philippine Ballet ka na kasi.” He of course disagreed with me, and changed the subject to whether I was married yet or not, then whirled me around like an ape with a new toy. Apparently, too, some things never change.

A batchmates mini-reunion at PBT. Standing left to right: Stephen, Lucas, Jared, Anatoly, Ron, Mac and Peter. Seated are the kagandahan: Erica, Jacqui and me.

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