Francois Arnaud on Interview

Francois Arnaud

Well well well, Monsieur Arnaud…

I haven’t yet caught up with season 3 of The Borgias because it’s showing at 11:30 pm on Saturdays here in the Philippines – and I have to wake up at 6 on Sunday morning because of ballet class – but what the hey, let’s link to this interview with Francois Arnaud in Interview magazine for kicks. My favorite highlights:

On this third season being the last:

I’m kind of happy about how it ended for my character; I feel like Cesare’s journey was complete by that point. It would have been great to play him until his death, but I feel like we got to see his evolution from little boy to… mass murderer. It’s the end of an era and it’s fine, I’m moving on. It’s okay. …

On working with Sean Harris, who plays Micheletto:

He keeps to himself a lot. He’s a very serious actor; he takes his work very seriously. I think we bonded maybe a bit more than he did with other actors because we had such a special, unique relationship on the show. I learned a lot from him about commitment to a role, to a character. I know that sometimes you have to reason with yourself and say, “This is just TV” or “This is just a movie,” but I think also as an actor it’s your job to find it so very important, and Sean taught me that. He doesn’t have to say it; it’s just the way he is and the way he works. It’s important; I feel like we’re doing something important. You keep that with you afterwards.

On speaking English on The Borgias:

No, at first Neil didn’t want English accents on The Borgias for many reasons: maybe because he’s Irish and fundamentally hates all English people and also because inThe Borgias, English is a code. [laughs] I think that’s why he started casting a lot of foreigners in Season Three. We had a lot of Swedish and Norwegian actors who tried to speak a neutral English. He didn’t want it to sound like The Tudors—like it took place in England. It had to have this Italian feel to it. For my character it was a bit different because the rest of the family were English actors. Jeremy, Joanne [Whalley], Holly, David Oakes, who played Juan. I just tried to get it as  close to them as possible while still feeling comfortable. I think my accent got better by Season Three.

At the end of the interview, they discuss how he feels like a different person when he speaks English and another when he speaks French, and the interviewer asks him in what language is it easier to say I love you. He laughs and replies it’s definitely easier in English. Hee hee, I love you too.

Read the full interview here.



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