Like endless rain into a paper cup

So the past couple of days have been non-stop rain here in Metro Manila. Classes and work have all been called off, but I’ve been at my computer all day because I had a deadline for my big project of the year. My first deadline, which was meant partly to set deadlines. I don’t care if it still rains or it finally shines tomorrow, if regular work resumes or not, I’m going to take the day off.

(Though, truth be told, if there’s rehearsal tomorrow, I’m going to rehearsal because our show is next Wednesday the 28th and oh my lord, I need rehearsal).

Since part of the recently completed task was to set deadlines (not just for myself but for my team of writers), I’m going to be more realistic about the things I do, and how I’m able to do them. I always take on too much. Even though part of the reason for resigning from my last 9-to-5 was I wanted a weekend (I work at our ballet school on the weekend, so I literally had no downtime), I still haven’t had a proper weekend since I resigned. And i resigned nearly four months ago.

So, tomorrow, I’ll just chill. Yeah. Just sit around and watch TV or play Iron Man on the iPad all day. Unless the sky clears and we’re told to get our butts to the studio.

It’s still raining now, though. It paused very, very briefly late this afternoon, and it went back to torrential rain again. My dogs are in my room, where it’s cozy. They’re not used to being indoors, so they’re kind of confused about what they’re supposed to do. They’re the cutest.

Puzzled but dry. #hugo and #sammy in my room.

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