This entire week, I’ve been hyper acidic. I think it was a lot of coffee, plus a lot of bad eating habits. It’s not the first time I’ve been hyperacidic, and this is mild compared to when I had acid reflux last December, but back then I could blame my acid reflux on work stress. This time around, it’s really just I eat the dumbest things. I looked up “Food to avoid when you’re hyper acidic,” and it’s basically all the food I eat. Gad.

Let’s go down the list:

1. Acidic fruit – let’s skip this, I’m not a fruit girl and I haven’t been eating the fruit I am into, i.e. strawberries and mangoes. But what sucks is I can’t have calamansi.  Aaa.

On the upside, fruits that are good for hyper acidic stomachs are melons (yay) and bananas (meh). I have a lock and lock full of melon in the ref right now.

2. Onions, garlic, leeks. Waaah.

3. Hot and spicy food. This makes me cry.

4. Dairy products. Except for skim milk and low fat other stuff.

5. Heavy grains and similar by-products. PASTA. I DID NOT HAVE PASTA AT MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY DINNER. Tragic.

6. Sweets and desserts. Meh, but potato chips is under this category because they have too much sugar and too much fat. Basically too much fat is too bad. Basically I ingest TOO MUCH FAT. And I wonder why losing weight is such a challenge.

7. Alcoholic beverages, coffee, sodas, tea. Coffee – well duh. 4 cups a day, most likely. Last week, I would just fill up my coffee cup with fresh brew throughout the day while I was writing. Hence.

8. Great quantities of food. Yes, I overeat.

So now, I’m on the weirdest diet. I hope I get okay soon because the lack of coffee is very bad for me – very bad headaches all around. But I do think I’m on the mend, because I had a chai tea latte this afternoon and avoided a caffeine-deprived migraine.

But yes, willl learn my lesson and start eating healthily from now on. Huhuhu.


Broccolli is good for hyper acidic stomachs. The garlic doesn’t help, though.

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