Still freaks me out


This is how I watch The Walking Dead: I hold the remote the entire time, while I have a throw pillow in my lap. When a zombie suddenly makes an appearance or somebody gets bitten or even when somebody is walking by himself in the woods or in the dark, I hide behind the throw pillow and change the channel. Usually, when a zombie appears, I jump and change the channel. Then change it back and miss whatever scary thing I didn’t want to see. A stressful hour of my life every week, at least for the first couple of seasons.

The third season wasn’t so scary because they were dealing with human drama now, the tension with the governor, etc etc. There weren’t that many zombies comparably speaking. Also, since there was just a marathon of it the last few days, I wasn’t scared at all. Since I knew what was going to happen most of the time, I didn’t change the channel anymore, and even got to actually “see” parts I missed before.

Watching the premiere of Season 4, I was quite proud of myself because, hey, I’m really not scared anymore. It’s mostly them getting used to a new life, raising horses and pigs, Michonne going on comics runs for Carl, everyone trying to build a new life for themselves. Then, I realized I had the throw pillow covering my face again, and was gripping the remote, and oh my lord, who the heck was that scary lady talking to? Holy crap, zombies falling through the roof! Yikes, that pig is going to reanimate!!!

Not scared anymore, my ass.

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