It begins, Berry ate a cookie


After eating chocolate chip cookies, Berry went to inspect the can of butter cookies her Lolo showed her and found a circular piece of paper in it. Like any kid, she took the paper and an orange pen and started to write on it. First she put her name. Then wrote a sentence using words and symbols. Originally, the sentence read, “Berry ate a cookie on the wock.”

I said, “The wall?”

Berry said, “No! The wock!

I said, “The walk?”

Berry said, “No! The wock! The wock!”

She pointed at the symbol for wock and someone (I think Tata aka my sister Jacqui) exclaimed, “On the rock!”

Berry said, “Yes, the wock!” I did all I could from dying of laughter. While it constantly amazes me how brilliantly smart she is, I am comforted that she’s still just my baby girl who still can’t pronounce her Rs.

Since we didn’t get “rock” right away, instead of thinking her Ninang was stupid, she started to fix her sentence. The rock became another cookie, and it finally read, “Berry ate two cookies and loves (the ❤ symbol) Daddy and Mama.” She insists there are only two cookies. I think she means the other cookies as background design.

Berry, the writer/editor who works with multi-media. This is where it starts, people.


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