Staying in this Hallowe’en

There was a time when we would go all out with the Hallowe’en costumes, but I guess my friends and I are getting old and finally recognizing that this holiday is for kids. Hehe. That said, to get into some of the spirit, I’m sharing a bunch of photos I found online that are adorbs.

This is from my very first favorite science fiction film of all time. All time. Yes, that long.



And one of my favorite fantasy films of all time. If she’d have gone that way, she’d’ve gone straight to the castle.


I also love that the furry general and his steed Ambrosius are part!!! So cute!

This because Willow and Wesley Wyndam-Price getting together in real life has made me believe in true love.


Grabbed those photos from Fun folk, them.


Here’s proof that I did go all out for Hallowe’en. Well, part out here, since I’m the darkest goth in the history of goth-hood.



And here I am, ambitiously as Gorgo from 300. Too much shiny cloth was the mistake. Lesson learned.



Happy Hallowe’en, kids. Don’t eat all your candy in one sitting. 😉

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