Dancing for Typhoon Yolanda Relief

Dancing for Typhoon Yolanda Relief.


That was me trying to reblog a post I made on http://www.runthru.com.ph. Well, I guess that worked well. Haha. 

Haven’t blogged much partly because I was applying for a visa to go to Taiwan for a conference (I leave this Thursday evening), partly because I’ve been preparing requirements for an upcoming job, and partly because I was migrating Runthru to WordPress. Long story short, Google disabled my Runthru Google Site because I inadvertently opened a phishing link and phished all my contacts. It’s not my fault that Google is so easy to manipulate for phishing, so I felt rather betrayed by Google and decided to move platforms. Please visit the new site soon, it’s very nice, if I may say so myself. 

That link I just tried to press is about two concerts that will send money to Yolanda relief. Yes, the country is still recovering. I like that people haven’t tired of helping yet. 


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