So that’s why Legolas hates dwarves

He's quite tall for a dwarf.

He’s quite tall for a dwarf.

Dear Peter Jackson,

Just because pogi si Kili doesn’t mean you can change a classic story to give him a love scene. Though kinilig naman ako sa sabi ni Aidan Turner ng “She is far away from me, walking in starlight…” Ah basta. Though, heck, would you have given him more screen time without this little crush on Tauriel? I did love the parts where he bravely tries to open the Elfen gate and battles the orcs in the process, and any shot of Aidan Turner making moony eyes is just a joy to behold. Ah basta, basta.

(I just had this thought: did Kili get a love interest because Being Human ended, which I attribute largely to the sacrifice of Mitchell – which happened only because Aidan Turner was cast in the Hobbit? Yes, I’m over thinking this, haha.)

Also, all that makeup (and CG?) and Legolas still looks older than he did in LOTR. Or does he have that Benjamin Button disease? Maybe Tolkien should have put that in The Hobbit, had he actually put Legolas in The Hobbit. So funny that.

I haven’t finished reading The Hobbit yet, so I’m glad you didn’t spoil the book for me by putting in scenes that aren’t there to begin with. Good job!

I have to say, though, I did enjoy this movie. That entire scene with Bilbo and Smaug is as priceless as the room it was set in. And, unlike your first Tolkien series, I’m quite sure I’ll enjoy watching this series over and over again. So, really, good job! Now, stop being a dork and make the third one perfect.



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