last cheese of the year

Yesterday, despite the holiday, I went to a business meeting with my EIC. Since I have new mascara from Christmas, I decided to wear some, and lined my eyes with brown liner for effect. Take note, I don’t wear makeup outside of a performance, and especially not mascara because I have tiny, un-noteworthy eyelashes to begin with. But I had tried it on when I got it, and when I complained that there was no effect, my mom said sure it doesn’t look like I have mascara on, but it did make my eyes look prettier.

So, I put it on for my meeting yesterday. I also had a date that night, so putting on makeup was sort of me, dragging myself out of my work-from-home lush mode, fixing myself up and facing the world. Sadly, I would notice that the makeup was kind of disintegrating towards the evening, and worried I was getting raccoon eyes. I said this to my date, that my makeup was disintegrating.

“You’re wearing makeup?” he asked. He hadn’t noticed.

I said, “I know, I like that it doesn’t look like I have makeup on, only that it makes me prettier.”

He said, “You don’t need makeup for that. You’re prettier anyway.”

And people wonder how we lasted this long. Here’s to another year.


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