More overwhelmed than I thought possible – my going away gift from my students


When you teach, you hope your students learn a thing or two and are able to apply the things they learned to their real life, and are all the better for that. But you don’t really know – can’t even guess – the impact you have had on them unless they tell you. You just go on and teach the next batch of students and hope they learn a thing or two.

Erica, with the help of Nina, devised a going away gift that suited my life as a lecturer at the University of Malaya: an assortment of pens, a small notebook and a slightly larger monthly planner with space for notes and other ideas. In those extra spaces, they collected well-wishing messages from my former students, mostly from TEAM Dance Studio and Erica’s Hampton Court Ballet, but also from my CSB students, JM and Candice. I haven’t had time to really absorb what they’ve written but was quite overwhelmed by what did strike me of what they said. I guess I’ve been doing a good job so far. And most were sure I would do just as well in Malaysia.

You do hope they learn a thing or two. What I discovered they did learn from me is still sending me reeling.

Thank you, my beautiful students. I’ll see you again soon.


At my last show in the Philippines before I leave for Malaysia with (clockwise from top) Lucas, Jacqui, Sol, Erica, and Nina beside me in the center. Thank you again, beautifuls!

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