TBT: Vigan Longganisa is Love

This blog post pissed me off today. The food and travel blogger went to the Philippines and was disappointed in the “gross, unhealthy food.” She also says in the comments that she went to the cheap eateries to get the real local experience. I understand why she would think that way, because that’s how it is here in KL. All my friends think nothing of eating at a stall on the street. From my own upbringing in Manila, I was at first hesitant to eat KL “street food,” because, eww. Dear miss worldly-wise blogger, _I_ wouldn’t touch Manila street food with a ten foot pole. But I’m told by braver friends and family with tougher stomachs that it can be quite good – if you know where to get it.

If she wanted real Filipino food the way the locals experience it, she should have gone to a mall and eaten at Dencio’s, or Rodic’s, or C2, or the food court, for crissakes. Deadma na ang Sentro, Mesa, and Abe diba, deadma na ang Cabalen and Barrio Fiesta. If she truly wanted real Filipino food, she should have made friends with somebody whose mom/dad/yaya is a wizard in the kitchen and had dinner at their house. This is the real Filipino food experience. I read this article somewhere before that Filipino food isn’t palatable enough to make a fine dining restaurant because it’s mostly comfort food. And it’s true. You go home after your long day at work, reheat your Mom’s sinigang, and wow, all is right with the world.

This has inspired me, however, to do a throwback Thursday weekly special on one of the things I miss about my beloved country: the food. While I am LOVING Malaysian food, so much that I can see a whale emerge when I look in the mirror every morning, I cannot say it is better than Filipino food. My friend, June asked me what Filipino food is like, and I had a hard time describing in detail. And since I won’t be having some soon, might as well do a photo blog tribute.

This first appeared on my Instagram, months ago. Mom cooked it for breakfast.

This first appeared on my Instagram, months ago. Mom cooked it for breakfast.

This is Vigan longganisa. Longganisa is stuffed sausages (mostly pork). While there are different variations of longganisa depending on which part of the country you’re in, there are generally two kinds: recado (garlicky) and hamonado (sweet). Guess which kind I like, hehe. My absolute favorites are Vigan and Lucban, named after the places they originated from, as with most longganisa in the Philippines. They are an awesome breakfast food that you should eat with eggs and rice (preferably fried in garlic), and dipped in vinegar. I can eat this any time of the day. My mom buys them in the local supermarket and fries them when she knows I’ll be home for breakfast or dinner, mostly because I’m the only one in the house absolutely crazy about them. It is impossible to buy them in 7-11.

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