Happy birthday, Daddy!

So, my siblings and I have this ongoing Facebook message with each other, and then they start talking to each other about plans for my dad’s birthday dinner. And I feel somewhat sad, because I won’t be there, having dinner with them. But they’re talking logistics and I had to laugh aloud when my sister said, “Eh, sabi lang ni Daddy, gusto niya peace of mind.”

That’s always his standard answer to the birthday or Christmas question: What do you want us to get you? Peace of mind. It’s obviously a continuing thing.

Posting this photo of a trip to Hong Kong in 2012. Daddy and I were left to roam the city by ourselves (I don’t remember why) and he was constantly photobombing the pics I was taking of the Jordan street architecture. I was taking a picture of this sign, and he photobombed it, too. And made the picture perfect. In my life, this is who he is and why I am this way, too.

I love you, Daddy. I hope you continue to receive peace of mind from us. We try very hard, you know. Happy birthday 🙂


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