TributeThursday: Ilocos Empanada


This is still a reference to that girl (at the risk of sending her more traffic), who posted photos of this lady making Ilocos empanada with her bare hands. I have it on good authority that there is a strict rule where Ilocos empanada needs to be created with gloves on, and when I checked my old photos of an Ilocano food festival in Robinson’s Forum in Mandaluyong (yes, a mall, haha), yup, naka-gloves si Ate (Big sister is wearing gloves). Just want to address that and reiterate, Ms Rather Go Hungry is just trolling the internet for clicks. We rise to the bait, hmm.

Ilocos empanada is a meat pie with egg, shredded cabbage (I think), minced meat and Vigan longganiza (don’t you love it already), eaten hot off the fryer, dipped in vinegar. It’s best eaten in Ilocos, and I’ve never had that privilege (have only had it in the mall, and from that stall along Katipunan), although my sister and some of my friends do swear by it. It’s on the bucket list.


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