Tribute Thursday: Adobo

Going home from work the other evening, Prof asked me if I cooked Filipino food in my new house (more on that in another post). I was quite embarrassed to admit that the only Filipino food I know how to cook was Sinigang (sour soup) and I can’t do that here unless I find tamarind I can boil and squeeze the pulp from. And even then, I’ve never done that before. Oh Knorr Sabaw ng Sinigang, you spoiler you.

Then he says he has cooked adobo and it’s somewhat challenging because the vinegar here is not as sour as the vinegar in the Philippines. I was bewildered at that, because he was very much Malay, until I realized he was talking about CHICKEN adobo. Well, of course he was. I wanted so much to tell him how chicken adobo pales in comparison to its more popular brother, but you don’t say such things to a Malay.

And yet, dreams of adobo (the non-halal kind) have been haunting me the last couple of days. Prof asked me how I cook adobo. I said in my household, Mom cooks it with a lot of oil/sauce, which is how my dad likes it, and fries the leftovers to extra crispy, the way I like it.

No, chicken adobo just doesn’t have the same effect.


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