Happy Holy Thursday, Philippines #tributethursday

In an email conversation with my mom today about how I was settling down in Malaysia, we talk about how they don’t seem to be celebrating Holy Week here – imagine, my Malaysian friends, how everything shuts down during Chinese new year. Anyway, she ends her last email by saying my sister will be posting pictures of what they had for lunch on Facebook, and warned me, “Bawal mainggit.” (I am forbidden to be envious).

This is what my sister posts on FB via Instagram:


Thanks a lot, Mom.

This is my Tribute Thursday for this week, albeit late in coming, sharing what my family had for lunch on the weekend that they’re not allowed to eat pork. I know, I know, the abstinence from pork should be sort of a sacrifice, as Jesus sacrificed for us, etc, and looking at that spread, it’s kind of difficult to see the sacrifice. But then, this is how religious my family is, taking some rules and bending them creatively to create sumptuous meals. Hey, we like to eat.

In that collage is clockwise from top left:

Grilled fish – argh, I can’t remember what fish this is. Basta, it’s special. And huge. And absolutely yummy when grilled and dipped in lemon butter sauce.

(Bilqis and I went to Cherating two weekends ago and drove around Kemaman looking for grilled fish. We found some, but not to Bilqis’ liking. I’m wondering if she would like this one.)

Obviously, steamed crab. As long as there is crab, my family will steam it.

Escargot cooked in coconut milk. Aaaah, I want.

Lato salad (edit after Paul Catiang reminded me what it is) – it’s a seaweed that is dressed with vinegar and eaten as a salad. When you bite into the bulby things, the ocean explodes in your mouth. It is awesome.

Posting a photo of more crab from my sister’s birthday lunch in 2007. Because crab.


I have to find crab here soon.


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