How was your day?

One of the things that drove me nuts about Mikah was how he would ask me about my day. At the end of the day, during a phone call, when we had spent the entire day talking to each other and I had been constantly updating him about the day I was having while I was having it. This has made me lose my temper on occasion. Later, I learned to view it as a summary, or a conclusion. He was on the phone with me, he wanted to hear my voice, never mind if he knew what kind of day I had from reading our kilometric chats, he wanted to hear me say it.

When I moved to another country, the need to be constantly connected was much stronger. Reading back on our chats on Viber and Whatsapp, while there was a lot of stimulating, intelligent conversation, much of it is just silly hellos (or in our case, hezo), and especially towards the end, asking each other, “Can we Skype now?” We did this thing we called “work Skype,” where we Skype video call each other, but just leave the window open while we work at our desks, smile at each other, then chat on Viber for PC.

Coming from that regular barrage of constant Mikah to no Mikah is just very difficult right now. So I hope you guys don’t mind when I ask you, hey, how was your day?

on my way


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