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Day 3 of #500HappyMikahDays

My birthday is coming up. For the first time in a long time, Mikah failed to ask me what I wanted for my birthday. He usually starts asking around March, but between the madness of  my moving and his passing away, he didn’t have a chance to.

Even when we broke up in 2010, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, I want you to stop being an idiot and let’s get back together. I didn’t get what I wanted that year. I think I got shoes. Which is another HappyMikahDay.

He also asks me what I want for Christmas as early as July. Obviously, he gives me awesome gifts. I always give him really stupid ones. No, not always, but usually.

Anyway, back to Day 3. I wore this t-shirt today, and decided it will be today’s happy Mikah memory, especially since my birthday is coming up.

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Digital angel #reflectionselfie #career

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This is the first birthday gift he ever gave me. On the front, it says, Digital Angel. On the back is a pair of wings made out of the inside of a computer. When we first met online, I had told him I was obsessed with angel wings, that I wanted angel wings tattooed down my back, and I had written a short story where an odd couple (artist boy, marketing girl) make peace with their differences, well, because the artist boy, whose name was Angel, painted wings down the girl’s back and said, “See, we’re the same.” I have that story around here somewhere, I may post it. Or email it to you if you want to read it.


When Mikah and I first met offline, when we first saw each other IRL for the first time, it was so that he could lend me Neil Gaiman, which I confessed had never read. He lent me 2 books: Neverwhere and Murder Mysteries, which was a graphic novel full of naked men with large wings down their backs. Although he claims it was not his intention, you could tell he was a man after my base desires, err, I mean, my own heart.

You know that scene in Love Actually, where Emma Thompson thought she was getting a gold necklace for Christmas, and instead got a Joni Mitchell CD? Then, she disappeared into her room and wept while listening to “Both Sides Now” because getting the CD was proof that Alan Rickman was cheating on her? What made me sad even more was Alan Rickman did love her, because that CD symbolised how much he knew her and knew what it meant to her. Except for the part about him cheating on her with his secretary, I thought if I were Emma Thompson, I would rather the CD of my favourite singer than a stupid gold necklace.

The t-shirt isn’t very flattering on me, in fact, it makes me look bloated. Plus, it’s very uncomfortable in hot weather. But I absolutely love it anyway, I wear it all the time. I’ve worn it so much that the shoulders have started to fade. I wore it on a beach trip organised by my former office, and RJ chuckled at my t-shirt, saying, “That’s so you.”

Because I am a digital angel, and he was my robot. And now, most likely, a digital angel in the ether somewhere, high in the stratosphere.

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My word was "Us." He said he got it right away. ❤

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