Day 4 of #500HappyMikahDays

We don’t have an anniversary. When people ask him when our anniversary was, he says, “In the early morning.”

I celebrate the day we met – in person, not online – which is September 10, 2004. I just send him a message that says, “We’ve known each other X years!” and he responds with, “Let’s celebrate!” And while celebrating, he or I would say to the other, “Happy X years.”

But we weren’t really a couple from the start, because he was in the process of breaking up with Annette, with whom he had a long distance relationship. I suppose I was there to make him feel better about the situation. We kept our burgeoning involvement a secret for a while, even after they had broken up. (Which is why I knew he could do that to me, but that’s never going on any of the #500HappyMikahDays, sorry).

He wasn’t a complete asshole to either of us and I liked that he told me that he needed to mourn Annette for a while. I told him I hung out with him not because I expected anything of him (augh, famous last words, right) but because hanging out with him made me happy. That could have been when he fell in love with me. Most probably.

When he finally broke up with Annette, he called me up and asked if he could hang out in my house, because there were two gigs he was expected at, not to play but just for hanging out, but he couldn’t deal with seeing all Annette’s friends at that moment. I said it might not be a good idea, my house wasn’t a very good venue for mourning Annette. And then he said please. We spent the evening lying together in my living room couch, my arms around him, giving comfort.

I asked him, “Why are you here?”

He said, “Because you make me happy.”


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