6 year old birthday selfie


Proof that Mikah took selfies. 🙂

Marga commented on this 2008 photo, that I should be frowning, too. I said, it was my birthday, I couldn’t help but smile. But also that it was so us, the serious, sungit boy and the giddy girl.

The last two months, I would despair over whether I made him happy enough or not. I know, it’s a horrible thing to think about. I would look at our pictures together and be reassured by those where he was smiling. But looking at this photo, I remember that day, after dinner at my house, he was trying to take photos of me and demanding I pose, and I would give him stupid poses and he would take pics anyway. And I’d be giggling like a hyena and he would be grinning at me indulgently.

I can believe we were happy together the last ten years. You never gave me reason to believe otherwise. I had a happy birthday, Bliebie. 🙂

Day 7 of #500HappyMikahDays


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