After that whirlwind festival watching, inhaling, ingesting so much dance, out the door at 8am, home at midnight, I spent today (technically yesterday) in the t-shirt and jammie pants I wore to sleep last night. I only woke up early because I had to buy dog food. I cleaned the house, talked to my sister, played with Moby, wrote down some impressions of the last few days, cooked food for myself and eated said food, talked to some of my friends, cleaned the kitchen counters, did so much laundry, talked to my mother, tried and failed to plan my week, joked with my brother. In between, as often happens on days when I’m not around people, I weep a little for the loves that I have lost.

It gets easier, but it never goes away.  So, it’s awesome that nobody’s around to see me in the clothes I slept in the night before, blurring my glasses with my tears as I clean my kitchen. I tend to look at the bright side these days.

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