Shining Again

I found this in my Notes, written a few days before M’s death anniversary. I share it now, because the reason why I was going through my Notes is I am writing again. Or at least, it isn’t as difficult as it was the last year. Now, encyclopedia entries are much easier to write, and I’ve already published an essay on what’s happening in the contemporary dance scene in the Philippines, and a review of a site specific festival featuring some of the most exciting choreographers in Malaysia.

Also, I’m starting to shine again. Life is good.

April 27, 2015, 1:22 AM

I don’t seem to be writing these days.

Mikah calls the year when I was writing my MA thesis the worst year of his life. He was always depressed, it seemed and I was never there for him, I was writing. He only told me this after I graduated, and I felt so horrible because I had no idea. The song he wrote for me has this lyric:

With you, I’m shining

Without you, I’m fine

I realise because it was very clear to both of us that I could live without him. But now that I am living without him, I am not always sure how fine I really am.

I started writing in my journal again after he died because there are too many thoughts running riot in my brain that I’m sure none of my family and friends should be burdened with. Aside from that, I have been pushing to finish my commitments to the encyclopedia of Philippine art project that I’ve been working on since 2013. After that, I don’t feel compelled to write about anything, like my brain wants a rest from thinking. Well, no not from thinking, it kinda does that on overdrive. My brain wants a rest from working. Once I have to organise thoughts on paper, the brain goes, “too tired, lah. Oh look, your floor needs sweeping…”

When Mikah broke up with me in 2010, I threw myself into dancing to get over my heartbreak. This year, I have done more dancing than any year of my life, of course besides the years I was professionally employed as a dancer and that’s all I did all day and night. Dancing again to get over my heartbreak. Hey, it works.

He has been dead for 363 days. This was definitely the worst year of my life. And yet, I have to say it was also a pretty good year. I am moulding the minds of future dance makers, I am dancing my heart out. But I have to start writing again.

One thought on “Shining Again

  1. I’m glad to see the words “I’m shining again”. But to us, your light has never ever dimmed. Not a second, not a minute, not a day has gone by without you being beautiful light to others. It was your strength amidst all the trials that made your light burn brighter. It was your acceptance that made your light warmer and comforting to the people around you. But innate in you is the capacity to choose love always. And by writing about how you have loved Mikah, how you remember him and how you intend to move forward is what makes you an exemplary human being (worthy of being included in the encyclopedia of MAY FOREVER AND HOPELESS ROMANTIC …… you might not know that it’s a bit jej). Cue music….. Katy Perry’s firework coz that is the appropriate description of who you are now. An assemble of beautiful colorful light especially when you’re in a good mood. Now, if you’re in a bad mood……… SUNOOOOOOOG!!! My point being. you’re lucky because even in your bad days when you apparently don’t write (or live) you still shine. You can’t help it. You can’t help but be a significant part of other people’s lives. So I hope this encourages you to cue in Colbie Caillat…. SHINE BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN. 🙂 We are all thankful to be more than fine with you around.

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