Conference time: Cultural Pluralism and Philippine Dance

I’m reading a paper tomorrow about how Cultural Pluralism can solve some of the problems of Philippine Dance at the 2nd Fo Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple Conference on Humanistic Buddhism and Cultural Pluralism. Phew, that was a mouthful. This will be my second ever conference that I’m reading in my own country, and wouldn’t it be nice if you could come and listen to what I’ve been working hard at the last couple of years? 

(That’s wishful thinking, I don’t actually expect anyone to come out to just hear me talk. Heh.)

I’m suddenly remembering one of my mentors telling me, “Why are you trying to solve the problems of folk dance for them?” – yes, with the implication that I am not practicing or studying folk dance, being a ballerina primarily writing about contemporary dance forms. But I like to think of myself as a scholar of Philippine dance, and the problems of folk dance are my problems as well, for how can I position ballet and contemporary dance in Philippine dance without considering everything? 

That said, I’m all theoried out. I don’t want to write another paper for the rest of the year. I do not exaggerate this, because although there are only two months left to the year, I have to present another paper at the end of November. Which I haven’t written yet. Oh, kill me. 

Back to the conference, there’s lots happening, such as workshops on tea ceremonies, vegetarian food, Chinese knots and calligraphy, theater groups discussing their processes, violin playing methods, Humanistic Buddhism and everyday life. I’d go even if I wasn’t going to read a paper. Come and join us. 🙂 

Oh, and my group TEAM Dance Studio is performing at the Awarding of Certificates on Wednesday at 5pm. You know, in case you do decide to attend the conference, be sure to catch us there. We’ll be doing a dance that’s 9 years old, yet still a goody. 



Hola Escolta! Saturday Future Market tomorrow


My sister’s bag business Tutu Girls will be at Saturday Future Market tomorrow at First United Building on Escolta, Manila, from 9am to 6pm. She’ll be selling her new limited edition rope bags and new ballet prints! So exciting!

New bags from Tutu Girls

New bags from Tutu Girls

Here are pics I took 2 bazaars ago:


Ann Camatis

The guys across from Jacqui were selling nice gadget cases and sleeves and these cute veggie plushies. I bought Ann Camatis (foreground).


Artists abound in the Saturday Future Market.


My sister, packing up at the end of the day

See you there!

Buy Books This Weekend!

Tahanan Books

The Tahanan Books booth 🙂

Managed to squeeze in a trip to the Manila International Book Fair last Wednesday. Was there primarily to support my friend, Fran, editor at Tahanan Books, who are launching 4 new books tomorrow, so go and check them out. The Alpabetong Filipino I actually already bought as a gift to my godchild, Diego. I also bought Yvette Tan’s new book, Kaba. I think she and illustrator Nelz Yumul are signing books tomorrow, yay, more reason to go.

Across the Tahanan booth was the Ateneo Press booth and beside them was the UP Press booth. The UST press booth was in the next aisle. I kinda wanted to buy so many nerdy academic books, it was so not funny. National Bookstore and Fully Booked both had ginormous booths (National actually looked like the ACTUAL NATIONAL BOOKSTORE, complete with shelves and carpet, o diba), but I skipped those and went straight to the Press booths instead.

Anvil’s space was ginormous as well and most of the books were 50% off. Seriously. If not 50% off, they would be 20% or 80% off.

This is my second book fair in my entire life, so I was quite stunned with what I encountered. But quite worth the visit, if you ask me. It was quite nuts last Wednesday (people-wise), and will probably be even more nuts tomorrow, but hey, they’re books. On a discount. Go get them.

Walking Through Philippine Theater by Basilio Esteban Villaruz

The books at the UST booth. Steve Villaruz’s Walking Through Philippine Theater trilogy is on display whee.

Rene Azurin's Power and Virtue

Rene Azurin’s Power and Virtue is on a 50% discount, everybody. At the Anvil area (to your right when you enter the hall).

Tahanan books

My loot from Tahanan Books.