Mikah’s mom gave me this charm bracelet, the multicolor beaded one, for the Wood Tiger during the Year of the Snake. I suppose that means I can’t really wear it when it becomes the year of the Horse, but then, a year is a nice, long time to wear this pretty thing.

The red bracelet is also for the Wood tiger. I forget what kind of beads they are, but it’s also for the Tiger, for good health and wealth and a lot of luck. I do feel very lucky.

Other people aren’t supposed to take the bracelet off me or wear it, but Berry kind of fell in love with it and how could I tell her, no you can’t borrow it, you’re gonna mess up my chi, super sweet baby girl that I love so much. After she borrowed it one night, I didn’t notice that she didn’t give it back and I thought I lost it. I think she only gave it back to me  a week later because her Dad made her. It’s her birthday in a few days, so I was thinking of getting her toys or books, but maybe I could add a charm bracelet or two. We’ll see.

As for my messed up chi, it’s a super sweet baby girl that I love so much, how bad could it be? Ohm.