Oh. It’s a kiss.

I am on #missioninspiration again, and I was looking at these dancing shots on IG, and found an image of Diana Vishneva in the weirdest partnering-configuration I’ve seen. So I looked up her hashtags and discovered Anjelin Preljocaj’s Le Parc, a contemporary (because of the choreographic style) period (because it seems to be set in the powder wigs period) ballet about society, intrigue and love, in the repertoire of the Paris Opera Ballet. Most of it is set in courtyards where everyone’s in lush ballgowns, but the most popular part is this duet with the two leads wearing only their night shirts. I was like, ehhh at first, because they were just rubbing their heads into each others’ bodies, like my dog rubs his forehead on my lap when he feels I’ve been away for too long. This video I was watching was of Aurelie Dupont and Manuel Legris, and he wasn’t extending his beautiful legs in a fancy jumping turning trick. I was getting antsy. And then she grabs him by the shoulders and kisses him. And he is so overwhelmed, he spins around. So they spin with their lips locked together and wow, that’s what that picture is about. This below is a clearer one of Aurelie Dupont and Nicholas le Riche for your appreciation.

du 07-12 au 31-12-2013

(I just love how the guy’s arms are just on the side like that. But you only notice that in pictures, because in the video, you only see them spinning.)

I understood then where the duet was coming from because apparently, he had been desperately in love with her all throughout the ballet, and finally, she gives in to him, and yet, she is still in control. I’m still not impressed with the choreography before she grabs his shoulders for the kiss, and I’ve always been divided on the onstage kiss thing, I mean, do you absolutely need it?, but this one, well, wow.

Problem is, I was looking for ensemble dance inspiration, not romantic duets. Come on, brain, cooperate.


Just realised that I’ve actually done this move before, in But You Didn’t. Except it’s fewer spins, and I’m not kissing my partner, and he’s holding me because my hands are on his arms, not his shoulders. Wow, that took me a while to realise. It’s the kiss! It’s distracting!

Here’s the video if you have the patience.