At my housewarming

Picture I took of the house a week before I moved in. ... It still looks like this hahaha...

Picture I took of the house a week before I moved in. … It still looks like this hahaha…

Given that I am a Tribute Thursday behind, posting photos of food served at my housewarming last Saturday. This is sort of cheating, because creamy pesto is not exactly Filipino food, but it’s food I used to eat during parties in the Philippines, so there.

My finger food consisted of nachos and green salsa (a Joelle and Jacqui favourite even when there’s nothing to celebrate) and my mom’s tuna salad to be eaten on crackers with feta cheese.

(A side note, heck there are no Skyflakes in Malaysia!!!! Nothing similar either! What the #@$^%^&(&%^$#^)*!!!)

Filipino food isn’t really party food. It’s a lot of soups and stews and elaborate fried things that go with rice. This is what I was going to say to June when she said she thought I was going to serve Filipino food. I started with, “Filipino food isn’t party food, it’s comfort food.” Then looked at Bilqis’ big pot of chicken and sausages stew and shut up.

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Since I couldn’t fry up some sisig or lechon kawali, I did a veggie stir fry, with sambal belacan, which, yes, is NOT Filipino at all anymore.


A Filipino party tradition definitely is for the guests to bring cake. So it sorta felt like home. Except now I, who doesn’t eat cake, am currently forcing some Chocolate Indulgence down my throat.

The point however is, my friends have helped me warm my house, and I shared with them some of my favourite party food that I used to enjoy in my house in the Philippines. It was definitely a nice Saturday.

The next morning, these two guys on bikes were going around the neighbourhood offering to cut lawns for people. I felt so homey, after, I wanted to go out and buy a garden set.