One Day More

So my first three days in Malaysia were spent in a hotel, and tomorrow I move to a transitory house, where I’ll stay while I find my own place to live. When I stay at a hotel, I’m usually preparing to speak at a conference, or my hosts have a jam-packed itinerary for me, or my family and I are giddily making dinner plans. Since I’ve finished reporting for duty yesterday, and I’m basically on my own, and I’m still too lazy to pick up any work that I left when I left Manila, I’ve been watching movies on TV. People who follow me on Twitter probably noticed this. I definitely noticed this. It was so bad, I forced myself to swim for an hour today.

(Using a hotel swimming pool on your own is not really very much fun, either, by the way.)

So anyway, while repacking my luggage, Les Miserables was on. I never went to see Les Miserables when it came out because I can’t stand to watch movies where everyone was so miserable. I had to write a book review in high school and I was like, “Why the hell am I reading this?” Halfway through Les Miz the movie, I was like, “Why the hell am I watching this?” Or rather, why the hell did I leave the TV on this channel while I’m repacking my luggage?

I was also laughing every time Russel Crowe came out to sing. Why does he sound like somebody’s gripping his balls so tightly?

Anyway, I finally got to “One Day More,” and was suddenly so glad that I didn’t change the channel. It’s always so grand and majestic and my favourite song of all the songs from Les Miz that became popular. When it was over I immediately wanted a rewind. Here is the version that I first saw, the version that will always be in my heart, and though I never wanted to admit it before (because I’m so anti-trend and during that time -and for all time- it was trendy to have Filipino pride), good job, Lea Salonga:

The version that the movie cast sang at the Oscars super pales in comparison, but I’m posting it here anyway, because helloooo Aaron Tveit as Enjolras. Hee hee.

Okay, will sleep now. Oh, wait, Don’t Mess with the Zohan is on…